Monetize Ad-Blocked audience

Optimize and increase your revenues now.

We help publishers monetize ad-blocked inventory with a certified technology solution that is simple and easy to implement.

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Limit your revenue loss due to adblockers now

Our tool allows you to recover your lost revenue quickly and permanently.
D-Block is free of charge, risk-free and really fast to set up.

In 2021, adblocked audiences represent about 15% of a site’s audience (or 30% of the desktop audience)

+ More than 100 satisfied customers already trust us, what are you waiting for to join them?

Our company

The founders Mathieu and Jean-César have a combined 20 years of experience in the web, media and digital advertising.

After more than a year of R&D, D-block has built a proprietary stack that allows it to deliver ads that comply with the specific constraints of adblockers.

This technology allows advertisers & publishers to recover an average of 5% of daily additional revenues.

Ready for use

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D-Block conforms to a standard that guarantees not to disturb the exposed audience

Not opposed to the principle of digital advertising, but only exasperated by its excesses (difficult reading, slow loading, privacy…), Ad-Blocker users represent :


desktop audience


mobile audience


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But the risk is to see the mobile share catch up with the desktop share with the installation of adblockers by default by manufacturers by 2022 (25% of the non monetizable audience).

What formats are set up?

We respect the constraints of advertising formats required by adblockers to recover more than a third of the lost revenue.

  • Static ads (IAB or native)
  • Adsurface < 15% screen ATF (25% BTF)
  • Inpage and out of content

These formats are therefore more restrictive than (and therefore compatible with) the Coalition for Better Ads standard and are safe for the media brand (publisher).

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Do you need more information? Use D-Block? Set up a partnership? For any question, please feel free to fill in the form below. Our team will answer you very quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some unscrupulous actors abuse the means of monetization at the expense of the user experience.

Internet users have responded by installing an Adblock without differentiating between good and bad websites, to the detriment of virtuous websites. Studies show that users who block ads don’t hate all ads, just intrusive ones.Ad-blocking users understand that they should contribute to publishers for the content they consume. 90% of the more than one billion ad-blocking users worldwide are happy to see ads that respect the user experience. These ads are called “Acceptable Ads“.

The main mission of the D-Block script is to not expose the publisher to any additional risk:

  • No Latency
  • Privacy and data protection:

– D-Block databases are hosted on Google Cloud Platform, for the above reason (speed of double tracking hits) but also to benefit from protections like data encryption.

– D-Block does not use third-party cookies or user IDs.

– The data is stored in Europe.

Many extensions like Adblock, Adblock Plus, Crystal Adblock, etc.

It is perfectly legal, zero risk. Finally monetize your audience using an adblocker.

Preventing access to your content with an intrusive popup (adblock wall) causes a bad user experience and allows you to earn only 5% extra revenue. On the contrary, D-Block allows an increase of 40%.